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Cocoa Keeps from Sclerosis Progression

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A cup of fresh cocoa helps to improve brain function among older people, as some of recent studies claim.

A cup of fresh cocoa helps to improve brain function among older people, as some of recent studies claim.

In a rapidly changing and aging world more and more people suffer from age-related decline of intelligence or dementia.

Scientists are looking for more new methods to combat it, because this illness dramatically reduces the quality of life of the patient and often leads to the necessity of reconsidering the ways of living of all family members.

Flavonoids and antioxidants that are found in cocoa beans may be good sources of medicine in this situation.

Ian MacDonald, the scientist from Nottingham, United Kingdom, describes an experiment in which young women were drinking a cup of cocoa before performing complex tasks and performed them under control of a magnetic resonance imaging procedure.

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The device showed a significant acceleration of cerebral blood flow in the group.

The next step was to study the impact of cocoa on the brains of people who have initially reduced cerebral blood flow.

According to the researchers, the benefits that cocoa brings were discovered during the investigation of health of the tribes of South America who drink this beverage in very large quantities.

However, the problem lies in the fact that cocoa powder which is delivered to the shops is poor with flavonoids. They are artificially extracted from raw materials, as flavonoids give this drink a bitter taste.

The researchers also fear that patients will “look” the same substance in chocolate that will lead to problems with obesity. Chocolate is food for pleasure and it will never improve health as opposed to cocoa in anticipation of bright future, scientists say.


  1. Ok,so your saying cocoa is benificial for older people ,how to we consume this cocoa drink without using the prepackaged mixes. Do we make cocoa the old fashioned way,from the real dry cocoa ,add milk and sugar and a little vanilla? What about the calories that packs on ? Is it worth the extra calories.

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